Sea Citizens #AP2237


11 X 14


Get ready for the craziness of creation in my art studio as I realized the what and how, and share it with you.

It was what is called by the fluid artists as the Ninja Swipe that created this acrylic painting.

Prepare your canvas with a medium to help the top colored paint move on the swipe.  Pick a corner and choose a mix of colors, putting one color on top of each other, build the paint color-pile up.  Then stand back with a vinyl bowl scrapper in your hand and SWIPE fast, the paint flies across the canvas, landing as it pleases, and perhaps even off the table and onto the wall.  Wow.  Now you look....what do we have?  Usually some small changes can be made that can add to the areas that did not "take" to the artist's liking.  In this was exactly as you see it.  Starting at the top: Whale, and on down we see a Dolphin, a Shovel Nose Shark, and a Grouper.  OK, yup crazy.  Not one touch was made by me to this painting as it is truly amazing as is.  You remember how I always say that the paint decides, and it really does.  One of the reasons people can't wait to take painting classes is that everyone can learn to paint, yes, everyone!  Paintings like this one is a one in a million, but in between everyday, my art room is filled with miracles!     

Lin Bailey
L&B Art Effects
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